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 Tamiya's 1/48 scale F4F-4 Wildcat

Model by: Mark Mallinson


The model shown is Tamiya's 1/48 scale F4F-4 Wildcat. The basic kit has been modified with True Details resin weighted wheels and the seat and

belts from their interior set. In addition, I cut out the flaps, thinned them with a flat file and built up their interior frames and stringers with

Evergreen strip styrene. My wife gave me the "brain surgery" award for drilling out the .50" caliber machine gun barrels. This is actually a lot

easier than it may appear. I started a hole by resting a new #11 blade as close to the center of the barrel as I could and gently twisted it until

the holes was started. When satisfied, then I used a micro drill bit and finished hollowing the barrels.  The kit was primed with Aeromaster white

acrylic and panel lines were pre-shaded with black enamel. The chosen paint scheme was the familiar  Navy three tone dark blue, grey and white

undersides. These colors were applied to permit a bit more of the pre-shading to show through than normal. This was done in order to show the

weathering effects of the South Pacific's tropical sun and salt air on the paint. The paints were sealed in Future and then kit decals applied with Micro

Sol/Set and a sealing coat of more Future. Chrome enamel was used to simulate paint chipping around access panels and on leading edges.

Stretched sprue was used to simulate the radio wire.

F4F-4Photo1..jpg (59183 bytes)  F4F-4Photo10.JPG (30942 bytes)  F4F-4Photo4.jpg (69149 bytes)  F4F-4Photo6.jpg (112776 bytes)

 F4F-4Photo7.JPG (27976 bytes)  F4F-4Photo9.JPG (26943 bytes) 

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