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Planet Models Ju 290 a4

Model by: Helmut Latoschinski


You will note that it's not a bargain. But they did a really good job. The overall fit was good, especially the wing to

fuselage. I can really recommend to glue the large wing parts with 5-minute-epoxy. The instructions are a little bit

misleading about the tail section. With a little luck I could get front view plans that showed the correct angle for the

horizontal stabilizers. For me it was to break 'em off and glue again, unfortunately after the main paint jobs were done

... My modifications are:

- Detailed opened main door in the rear fuselage (after source pics)

- Rear fuselage interior

- Figure in the cockpit

- Detailing the main gear with brake lines and the closing mechanism for the gear doors

- Detailing the upper gun turrets with ammo belts, unfortunately barely visible

- Flattening & bulging the wheels with Miliput

The a/c is painted 76/72/73. According to source pics, there is a soft demarcation line between upper and lower camo,

and 76 is slightly "feathered" over the wing leading edge. I used alternate wing crosses from the spare box. About the

background: Meanwhile I have reorganized my modelling room to get a large diorama area. I used all existing parts, but

did have to do minor extensions. The first hangar had to be extended on the left side and is deeper now. The second

hangar was not posted yet, but I have prepared an article for HS. The same goes for the tower building. It is in progress

after source pics of the Jüterbog airfield (south of Berlin) I found on


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