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1:48 Eduard Heinkel 280 (V-3)

Model by: Detlef Hoffman


Capturing a Historical Event

This is a diorama of the first flight of the twin HeS 8a  Heinkel 280 (V3) which took place on July 5, 1941.  During the test flights it ran into some difficulties having to perform two forced landings and some take off accidents.  By the loss of a jet engine the He 280 V3 spun out on the take off.  Detlef has captured the scene with his diorama. With the help of the original photos  Detlef cut the flaps and remounted them in the correct position as well as the rudder.  He also added seat belts  to the ejection seat and levers to the side consoles to improve the cockpit.  The instrument panel was hand painted.  The overall color of the plane was achieved with Extra-Color's RLM 02.  Because of the satin finish, the decals were able to go right on without any gloss coat.  The kit decals are of very good quality, they have to be handled carefully or they will tear very easily, very little solvent is necessary.  One of the decals that reads "V3" broke so only the one on the left side was attached.  Once the decals were on a matte coat was sprayed over the kit and allowed to dry.  The model was then pasteled with various colors of grey and followed with black along the panel lines.  The kit was complete, no final coat of clear was sprayed over the paint.

heinkel280image03.jpg (26653 bytes)  heinkel280image04.jpg (31928 bytes)  heinkel280image06.jpg (30956 bytes)
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