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1:48 Hasegawa Focke Wulf Ta 152 H1

 by: Anthony Manzoli


Dry fit of the Hasegawa Fw Ta152 H-1 reveals minimal gaps, not too bad for an ex-Dragon kit.  The photos below show the engine mounted in the fuselage.  A tight fit but it will definitely be viewable from the open wheel bays.  Note the ejector assembly for the 30 mm cannon.  So far I have painted the cockpit, which got a couple of coats of Gunze RLM 66 then I picked out the details with flat black, white red and yellow and dry-brushed it with RLM 02 and silver.   I also painted the inside of the fuselage RLM 66 and the engine compartment and wheel wells RLM 02.   Since I have never built a plane with a motor in it, I was wondering if the motor was necessary or not.  After dry fitting the fuselage and the wings, I noticed that the engine would be viewable so I decided to include it.  The kit offers the engine, so it can either be installed and viewable through the open cowlings which are provided.  Or  it can be displayed on an engine stand.  I painted the engine  Tamiya Field Grey, and picked out details with Model Masters Burnt Metal and metallic grey.  The next steps will be gluing the engine and cockpit to the fuselage halves and then the wings to the fuselage. 





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