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1:72 Scale Heller Bf 109-K

Model by: Anthony Manzoli


This is the so called last plane that Erich Hartmann ever flew, although there is no documentation of this.  There have been some speculations that he was photographed stepping out of a 109 K to receive an award for his 352nd victory.  Perhaps this is just a trophy model more then a reproduction of the plane he actually was flying, which would probably have been a Bf 109 G -10 or G-14. 

The Heller kit was a simple build and with a bit of work to the details, this kit can turn out to look rather sharp with Hartmann's markings.  I painted the upper surface with a mix of Humbrol enamels, and the bottom with white spray paint.  This was done before I received my airbrush from the States.  I dry brushed the upper surface with white and grey oil colours and then sealed the paint with Testors dull coat.  The decals were an ease to put on with a bit of setting solution.  Unfortunately the National crosses were off colour, a bit too green.  The kit turns out to look nice though with the tulip nose.  I would love to have another one of these kits, I would try to spend a bit more time reworking the smaller parts such as the landing gear and the antennae.  Perhaps with my airbrush I could do a late war camouflage on it. 

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