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Monogram B-17G

Model by: Chris Sakowski


The B-17G is the Monogram Pro-Modeler kit with the Cheyenne tail turret. I did make one modification, I decided to stagger the waist windows to make a later model G. It was pretty difficult. what I did was take the clear window and traced it onto the panel that needed to be opened. Then I took a fine drill bit and drilled tiny holes all along the drawn on lines. I then took a sharp no. 11 blade and cut the panel out.  To cover the original window I took a piece of sheet plastic and cut out the correct size and glued it in. I filled the seams on both holes with putty and then covered the "window plug" with putty and sanded like crazy...I got it as smooth as possible. I had never tried to rescribe panel lines and since the Monogram kit has raised lines I just left that alone.. The national insignia covered up that window anyway.. It turned out ok for a armature conversions...The decals are from Super Scale and depict 5 pounds for breakfast. rest of the kit was straight from the box.



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