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Monogram B-17F

Model by: Chris Sakowski


The B-17F is a blend of Monogram G model and Revell F model.. I took the nose of the F and put it on the better molded fuselage of the Monogram G. I also had to change out the waist windows. I decided to put the windows in closed position since I did not have the details to detail the guns. Besides most of the time when they are on the ground they had the windows closed and guns removed. I also used True Detail wheels on this kit...To do the nose conversion I cut off the Monogram G Nose and did the same on the Revell kit.  The two kits are not the same size in diameter so you have to glue the nose pieces to the fuselage halves before you build the kit. line up the top part of the nose with the top of the fuselage, then after you get the fuselage together put a small plastic shim in the bottom where the gap is and sand it down. you may also have to putty the seam. that's all there is to that. The decals are from Super Scale. The plane is Thumper II



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